Accordion Doors

Flexibility in Space!

The Spacial Concepts range of accordion doors are ideal for school, office fitout, club and training room use. All doors are custom built and constructed with aluminium pantagraph, which gives the operator an even opening and closing with the frame controlling the folding action.

Spacial Concepts manufacture a range of accordion doors that can be finished in a range of vinyls or Melcor fabrics. Using quality tracks, and fittings all accordion doors are supported by a warranty on materials and workmanship.

Acoustics are considered in the manufacture of the doors. All accordion doors are engineered to control sound transmission between rooms. Test certificates can be provided on request.


The 300 Series range of the accordion doors can be finished in any fabric backed material, such as the Spacial Concepts standard range of vinyls and Melcors range of Frontrunnner®, and Prelude®.

Special finishes may also be specified, but should be submitted to Spacial Concepts for approval before specifications are completed. Tracks and Stiles are stocked in clear anodised but Spacial Concepts will powdercoat the extruded aluminium at no extra cost.


The doors shall be suspended from an extruded aluminium overhead track, without floor tracks or guides. The closing stiles shall be fitted with heavy duty custom designed latch and handles.

Doors shall be fitted with nylon tyred steel ball-bearing wheels at each pantagraph cell. 2 wheels per trolley. Lead stile to be fitted with 2 trolleys

The pantagraph frame of the doors to be manufactured from extruded aluminium. These extrusions are linked together at the extremities by 5mm diameter galvanised steel rods, a minimum of 3 pantagraph sections per cell. The frame is covered by layers of flexible material, the outer layer as selected from the manufacturer’s standard range.

It is Spacial Concepts aim to control the sound transmission between rooms to a level where it is no longer distracting even though some sound may be audible.
25 – 27 STC: Conversation audible but may not distract
30 – 36 STC: Mutes normal conversation

db stc
300 N/a N/a 4.0 7.0kg 165mm per meter of opening + 120mm 300mm
321 29 21 4.0 8.5kg 165mm per meter of opening + 120mm 300mm
325 32.2 25 4.0 10.5kg 165mm per meter of opening + 120mm 300mm
327 36 27 4.0 12.0kg 165mm per meter of opening + 120mm 300mm
330 47.1 30 4.0 14.0kg 180mm per meter of opening + 180mm 350mm
336 50.1 36 4.0 18.0kg 180mm per meter of opening + 180mm 350mm

Acoustic Gurantee
Spacial Concepts shall gurantee in writing that the accordian doors supplied are of like construction to the laboratory tested doors. Test certificate shall be produced on request.